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That's me on the left, Cindy, with my husband and travel partner, Pat. As we head into full-time retirement from our careers in higher education, me from administration and Pat from teaching, we have begun to sort out what we most want to do with our time. We both love traveling, being outside and being active, and our favorite thing to do is camp in our travel trailer and ride our bikes. While we haven't been able to be out and about all the time quite yet, we have been practicing. 


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My Mission

As the primary trip planner, I've had to work at finding campgrounds that are on or accessible to bike paths. I pretty much have made a mission out of finding campgrounds near the bike paths we want to ride.  I'm sharing our trips with details about the campgrounds and bike paths, as well as, other fun things to do, eat and drink!


I think this site will appeal to anyone who loves to camp and wants to know about other activities in the area, but it might especially appeal to those that are retired or nearing retirement. My time away from full-time work has allowed me ample opportunity to reflect on work, family, and happiness. This site will also have a dose of musings about life prompted by having time to actually think and reflect. Enjoy!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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